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While our namesake devotes itself to Olympic Weightlifting, we offer classes that cover all aspects of fitness including aerobic conditioning, strength, hypertrophy, functional training, and even mobility! So whether you're a weightlifter or not, we've got a class for you!

Looking for a more personal, fast-track approach to achieving your fitness goals? Then consider our 1-on-1 training options with either coach Rachel or Jimmy. Having a personal touch ensures total focus on your wellbeing and fitness goals as we journey with you!

Community is something we value strongly and supporting other coaches and trainers with their businesses by renting out our space is the least we can do. Check out our facility to see if it matches you and your clients' needs. 

Perhaps you'd just like a place to get on with your own training programs. We've got monthly memberships for full access to our facility! We'd be more than happy for Tidal Weightlifting to be your new home. 


About Us


We are a cosy, Hong Kong-based gym who welcome people of all ages, abilities, and athletic goals. While our title devotes itself to Olympic Weightlifting, we offer classes and personal training that cover all aspects of fitness from sports to mobility to rehabilitation...even bodybuilding! Whatever your needs, we're sure you'll find something here at Tidal Weightlifting that you'll be happy with! 

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