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Rachel Haslam

I have an athletic background in track & field, tennis, rugby, basketball, and golf (competitive in all and multi-occasion medallist) so sport was never a stranger to me. I dove into weight training during my years at university, since access to all the sports I loved  wasn't so easy...and I fell in love all over again! Being strong was certainly empowering and a great motivator for me to keep pushing through tough times in life. 

I found Olympic weightlifting through Jimmy and I have never looked back since. The beauty, challenge, and dexterity of it have me hooked! I have thrown myself into the deep end and have devoted those years to learning and improving my personal weightlifting and coaching skills. 

However, being all-rounded is something I believe in even more and thus I am here to help with ANY of your fitness endeavours. 


- Crossfit Lv 1

- Eleiko S&C Coach Lv 1

- Colombus Weightlifting Lv 1

- BWL Lv 1

- USAW Lv 2

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Jimmy pang

Before discovering Olympic weightlifting, I was a competitive bodybuilder from 1999-2011, representing my home country, Thailand. But I felt as though something was missing from my life. I didn't feel excited in the gym merely focusing on body composition anymore and I needed a challenge. So one day, one of my personal training clients showed me a video of Rich Froning doing Crossfit and I thought 'wow, this is something I have to try!' At the age of 35, I turned my interests fully into Crossfit and proceeded to improve. I got stronger, fitter, and a hell of a lot more functional. But there was something I loved most in all the WODs...the weightlifting! The snatch and clean and jerk, for me, were extremely challenging and I was dying to learn more. I did a USAW Lv 1 seminar with one of my best friends, and from there, I totally transitioned to it full time. I was 38 when I made the switch and am 45 now so that proves it's never too late to start!

Having said that, being a little older has shown me the importance of training for longevity; and so having a wide fitness repertoire is extremely important. I will guide you toward any type of fitness goal whether it be endurance or even recovering from injury. 


- Crossfit Lv 1

- Eleiko S&C Coach Lv 1

- Colombus Weightlifting Lv 1

- USAW Lv 1

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